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Joyce Chu
Joyce Chu, nicknamed Si Ye Cao (四葉草), born as Chu Zhu Ai (朱主爱) on March 7, 1997 in Johor Bahru , Malaysia , is a Malaysian singer and actress. She is known for her songs such as Malaysia Chabor , Your Little Round Hand and I Miss U . She is also known...
Leftenan Adnan
Leftenan Adnan, is a 2000 Malaysian film directed by Aziz M. Osman . It was released in Malaysia by Ministry of Defence Malaysia , Royal Malaysian Army and Grand Brilliance Sdn Bhd on August 31, 2000.
Jesseca Liu
Jesseca Liu (刘子绚, Liu Zi Xuan), born as Lao Chew Yen on February 13, 1979 in Langkawi Island , Kedah , Malaysia , is a Malaysian actress, singer and model. She is best known for her roles in Rhapsody in Blue , Kinship , Romantic Delicacies , Blessings...
Ola Bola
Ola Bola, is a 2016 Malaysian film directed by Chiu Keng Guan . It was released in Malaysia by Golden Screen Cinemas on 28 January 2016.
Ong Ai Leng
Ong Ai Leng (traditional Chinese name: 王愛玲, simplified Chinese name: 王爱玲, Wang Ai Ling), born on November 2, 1978 in Johor Bahru , Malaysia , is a Malaysian actress. She has appeared in many dramas, including C.I.D. , Honour and Passion , Addicted To...
Addicted To Love
Addicted To Love (都市恋人的追逐, Du Shi Lian Ren De Zhui Zhu), is a 2008 Malaysian and Singaporean co-production Chinese drama. It was aired in Malaysia by NTV7 from October 22, 2008 to December 10, 2008.
Sembilu, is a 1994 Malaysian film directed by Dato' Yusof Haslam . It was released in Malaysia by Skop Productions Sdn. Bhd. on August 18, 1994.
Ruby Lin
Ruby Lin (林心如, Lin Xin Ru), born on January 27, 1976 in Taipei , Taiwan , is a Taiwanese actress, singer and producer. She is best known for her role as Xia Ziwei in My Fair Princess , as well as her roles in Beauty's Rival in Palace and The Glamorous...

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