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Destined to Love You

Destined to Love You (偏偏喜欢你, Pian Pian Xi Huan Ni), is a 2015 Chinese drama based on Tong Hua's novel of the same title. It was aired in China by Hunan TV from June 16, 2015 to July 11, 2015.

Destined to Love You poster

“Destined to Love You” poster

Basic information

Original title (Chinese): 偏偏喜欢你
Phonetic title: Pian Pian Xi Huan Ni
English title: Destined to Love You
Language: Mandarin
Country: CN China
Runtime: 45 minutes
No. of episodes: 40
Genre: Romantic drama, Action drama
Director: Joe Chen, Jia Nailiang, Bosco Wong
Scriptwriter: Qian Jingjing
Original story: Tong Hua's novel of the same title
Producer: Tang Panjing, Yu Yi
Production company: Xing Sheng Di Movie & Television Culture
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: June 16, 2015 – July 11, 2015


The story is set in the 1916s and revolves around Qian Baobao, a normal civilian. In order to earn money to help her sick mother, she became an instructor at Longcheng Military Academy under a stolen identity. The stolen identity is Xiao Han, who has already died from an accident while studying for her doctorate overseas. Originally, Qian Baobao only wanted to stay at the military academy until her mother no longer needs treatment but somehow, she became entangled in an inextricable love triangle. The two men making up this love triangle are Xiang Hao and Chen Wentao. Xiang Hao is passionately pursuing Bao Bao and Chen Wentao is Xiao Han’s fiance. In order to conceal her real identity, Bao Bao has to evade the growing feelings between her and Xiang Hao as well as dispel Chen Wen Tao’s suspicions and temptations. In the middle of all this, a major crisis emerges when it turns out Xiao Han didn’t really die. Xiao Han’s return causes Qian Bao Bao to examine her conscience.

Some scenes in Destined to Love You - 1

Some scenes in Destined to Love You - 2

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Some scenes in “Destined to Love You”



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