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The Queen of SOP

The Queen of SOP (胜女的代价, Sheng Nu De Dai Jia), is a 2012 Chinese-Taiwanese drama directed by Zhang Boyu. It was aired in China by Hunan TV from July 15, 2012 to July 29, 2012.

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“The Queen of SOP” poster

Basic information

Original title (Chinese): 胜女的代价
Phonetic title: Sheng Nu De Dai Jia
English title: The Queen of SOP
Other title: SOP Nu Wang
Language: Mandarin
Country: CN China / TW Taiwan
Runtime: 45 minutes
No. of episodes: 33
Genre: Modern idol drama, Romantic drama
Director: Zhang Boyu
Scriptwriter: He Xin-ming, Chen Xin-yi, Li Ting-yu, Shi Pei-qi, Huang Wan-ting, Zhuang Shi-hong
Producer: Li Shi Xiang (李诗翔), Ouyang Chang Lin
Production company: Ming Road studio
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
Broadcast period: July 15, 2012 – July 29, 2012


Lin Xiao Jie (Joe Chen) is a low rung employee at a large Taiwanese departmental store. Dreaming of furthering her studies in England so that she can rise up the ranks in her company, Xiao Jie jumps at the opportunity to be an assistant at a company photo shoot in London. On her final day there, she gets mugged and flags down Tang Jun (Hans Zhang) for help, who successfully catches the thief and returns her belongings.

After flying back to Taiwan, Xiao Jie decides to take a leap of faith and study abroad. She sees an apartment listing online that she immediately takes a liking to, and messages the owner, 'Tom', who happens to be Tang Jun. 'Tom' agrees to rent the apartment out to her, and makes preparations for her arrival. Xiao Jie and 'Tom' begin an online friendship, with Xiao Jie seeking Tom's advice. Eventually, Tang Jun begins to fall for Xiao Jie.

However, before Xiao Jie makes her final plans to leave, she is offered a better position at the company by the CEO, and decides not to leave for London. Tang Jun, upon hearing the news, is disappointed. Shortly after, Tang Jun is arm-twisted to go to Taiwan by his mother, who wants his help in a business deal. Although he is reluctant, Tang Jun agrees, but becomes enthusiastic when he realizes that Xiao Jie works for the company his mother is engaging in a deal with. However, upon arriving in Taiwan, Tang Jun finds out that Xiao Jie has started a relationship with the son of her company's CEO, Gao Zi Qi (Godfrey Gao), after he expressed interest in her at a press conference.

Xiao Jie and Zi Qi gets engaged eventually, but the day before the wedding, Zi Qi's ex-girlfriend and supermodel Bai Ji Qing (Coco Jiang) shows up and reveals that she is the one Zi Qi really loves. The heartbroken Xiao Jie leaves and decides to focus on her career. Under the support and encouragement of 'Tom', Xiao Jie becomes a successful businesswoman. Unbeknownst to her, Tang Jun is really her online friend 'Tom' and the heir to a supermarket chain. Not wishing to give up on a chance at love with Xiao Jie, he hides his identity to pursue her. But the road to this is paved with misunderstandings and missed chances.

Some scenes in The Queen of SOP - 1

Some scenes in The Queen of SOP - 2

Some scenes in The Queen of SOP - 3

Some scenes in The Queen of SOP - 4

Some scenes in The Queen of SOP - 5

Some scenes in “The Queen of SOP”


Main cast

Supporting cast

Huang Hai's workers/staffs

  • Nie Ya Liang (聂雅亮) as Zeng Dong (Director of Huang Hai. Zeng Chu Chu's father)
  • Xue Zhi Qian as Xue Shao Qian (Marketing Planning Department division)
  • Tang Yi Xin as Su Li (Marketing Planning Department division)
  • Zhou Zi Yin (周子茵) as Zhou Su Su (Marketing Planning Department division)
  • Zheng Fan (郑凡) as Zheng Fan (Marketing Planning Department division)

Hai Yue's workers/staffs

  • Lu Wen Xue (鲁文学) as Gao Guo Cheng (CEO of Hai Yue. Father of Gao Zi Hao & Gao Zi Qi)
  • Gino as Gao Zi Hao (GM of Hai Yue & Gao Zi Qi's half brother)
  • Kimi Hsia as Li Jia Yi (Sales division)
  • Han Dao Guang (韩道光) as Qiao Zong Jian (Director of Marketing Communications)
  • Anthony as Tian Tian (Gao Zi Qi's assistant)
  • Huang Wei Ting as Ai Lin (Marketing Communications division)
  • Cai Shun Jie (蔡顺杰) as Bao Luo (Marketing Communications division)
  • Han Ke Qi (韩可棋) as Sha La (Marketing Communications division)
  • Chen Zhi Hao (陈志豪) as Dan Ni Er (Marketing Communications division)
  • Mei Xian Zhi (梅贤志) as Qiao Zhi (Marketing Communications division)
  • Lu Xin Yan (吕欣晏) as An Na (Marketing Communications division)



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