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Royal Romance

Royal Romance (多情江山, Duo Qing Jiang Shan), is a 2015 Chinese drama directed by Li Hui Min and Bai Yun Mo. It was aired in China by Zhejiang TV from September 21, 2015 to October 20, 2015.

Royal Romance poster

“Royal Romance” poster

Basic information

Original title (Chinese): 多情江山
Phonetic title: Duo Qing Jiang Shan
English title: Royal Romance
Language: Mandarin
Country: CN China
Runtime: 43 minutes
No. of episodes: 59 (original version), 54 (edited version)
Genre: Period drama, Romantic drama
Director: Li Hui Min, Bai Yun Mo
Scriptwriter: Lu Xin Guo
Producer: Guo Hua
Production company: Beijing North Star, Henan Film and Television Group, Dongyang country rich in beauty culture media
Broadcast network: Zhejiang TV
Broadcast period: September 21, 2015 – October 20, 2015


Story about life of Shunzhi Emperor and his love to Consort Donggo.

Some scenes in Royal Romance - 1

Some scenes in Royal Romance - 2

Some scenes in Royal Romance - 3

Some scenes in Royal Romance - 4

Some scenes in Royal Romance - 5

Some scenes in “Royal Romance”




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